1945 St. James City Census

Lee County,Florida State Population Census – Township – St James City – Pct 14 – Race – White
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1. Name 2. Address 3. In or Out
4. Male 5. Female 6. Place of Birth
7. Degree of Education 8. Occupation 9. Corrections
Township St. James City
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Image 368 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Kennedy, L H St James City 42 FL Grade Fisherman
Kennedy, Buelah 49 FL 5th Grade Housewife
Kennedy, Jesse 18 FL 6th Grade Fisherman
Kennedy, L H Jr 13 FL 5th Grade Student
Rain, Sam B 33 FL 5th Grade Fisherman
Rain, Virginia 26 FL 6th Grade Housewife
Rain, Alfred 9 FL 3rd Grade Student
Rain, Richard 6 FL X X
Rain, Thelma 4 FL X X
Davis,James L 55 GA 4th Grade Fisherman
Davis,Minnie Mae 34 GA 4th Grade Housewife
Davis,Jesse James 15 GA 9th Grade Student
Davis,Georgia Nell 13 FL 7th Grade Student
Davis,Nancy Jane 6 FL 1st Grade Student
Rain,Neil 37 FL None Fisherman
Rain,Callie 41 FL 4th Grade Housewife
Rain,Martin 1 FL X X
Stills, D E 17 FL Grade Fisherman
Stills, Mattie 16 FL Grade Housewife
Underhill, George Jr 38 FL 4th Grade Fisherman
Underhill, Jean 32 FL 4th Grade Housewife
Poulton, James 17 FL 11th Grade Student
Poulton, June 15 FL 9th Grade Student
Underhill,Joan 13 FL 9th Grade Student
Underhill,Frank 10 FL 4th Grade Student
Underhill,Jack 4 FL X X
Bowden, George 68 KS 3rd Grade Fisherman
Bowden, Hattie 58 MI 4th Grade Housewife
Cribbs, L H 54 FL X Fisherman
Johnson, M S 72 IA 4th Grade Fisherman
Johnson, M S Jr 22 AZ 5th Grade Fisherman
Allen, J A 36 FL 4th Grade Fisherman
Allen, Anna 35 PA 5th Grade Housewife
Allen, Lois Joan 8 FL 2nd Grade Student
Allen, Eloise Joyce 6 FL X X
McCain, C W 64 FL 3rd Grade Fisherman
McCain, Edna 56 FL 4th Grade Housewife
McCain, P Em 15 FL 10th Grade Fisherman
Mills,Bryant 30 FL 4th Grade Fisherman
Mills,Doris 24 FL 10th Grade Housewife
Mills,Billie J 6 FL X X
Mills, Fay 4 FL X X
Hord,James 57 TN 4th Grade Fisherman
Hord,Nellie 52 FL 9th Grade Post Master
Hord,Phillip Everett 21 FL 12th Grade Army
Pearce,Elmo Alphonso 34 FL 9th Grade Army
Pearce,Lucile L 30 FL 11th Grade Housewife
Pearce,Carol Ann 4 FL X X
Smith,Frank 75 FL 4th Grade Fisherman
Smith,Eva Yeoman 57 FL 4th Grade Housewife
Image 369
Kennedy,Elbert 32 FL 4th Grade Fisherman
Kennedy,Cora Mae 22 FL 5th Grade Housewife
Kennedy,Florence 8 FL 2nd Grade Student
Kennedy,Margaret 6 FL X X
Kennedy,Billie 3 FL X X
Kennedy,E J 0 FL X X
Kennedy,Cuthbert 33 FL 4th Grade Fisherman
Kennedy,Gladys 34 FL 10th Grade Housewife
Tuten, J C 14 FL 8th Grade Student
Tuten, Henry 12 FL 6th Grade Student
Tuten,Irene 9 FL 3rd Grade Student
Tuten,Austin 7 FL 2nd Grade Student
Tuten,Pattie Ruth 5 FL X X
Kennedy,Caroline 2 FL X X
Allen,J F 75 FL 4th Grade Labor
Allen,M A 68 FL 6th Grade Housewife
Allen,Harvey N 30 FL 5th Grade Labor
Allen,Eula 24 AL 10th Grade Housewife
Johnson,Rachel 5 FL X X
Johnson,Elaine 3 FL X X
Celec,J J 77 Austria n Grade Labor
Celec,Maria 74 Austria n 8th Grade Housewife
Uhler,Katie 54 PA 8th Grade Housewife
Uhler,John 32 FL 9th Grade Navy
Uhler,Helen 26 FL 12th Grade Housewife
Uhler,Joe 25 FL 11th Grade Army
Uhler,Martha 22 FL 12th Grade Army
Uhler,Mike 18 FL 4th Grade Fisherman
Keene,Owen L 52 FL 4th Grade Fisherman
Keene,Mary A 47 IL 5th Grade Housewife
Keene,Frances 22 FL 12th Grade Housewife
Keene,Myra 20 FL 10th Grade Clerk
Keene,Owen L Jr 15 FL 8th Grade Fisherman
Keene,Augustine M 26 FL 9th Grade Army
Forbes,Claude R 24 GA 9th Grade Navy
Forbes,Viola M 27 FL 12th Grade Housewife
Forbes,Gordon R 2 FL X X
End St James City 1945

Credit Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society

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