1945 Pineland Census

Lee County, Forida State Population Census – Township – Pineland – Pct 15 – 1945
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1. Name 2. Address 3. In or Out
4. Male 5. Female 6. Place of Birth
7. Degree of Education 8. Occupation 9. Corrections
Population Census – Township – Pineland – Pct 15 – Race – White
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Population – White
*******image 371
Gill, P C Pineland 64 Alabama College Farmer
Gill, Ruby I Pineland 58 Alabama College P.M.
Kelly, Eveline Pineland 34 Alabama 12th Grade Housewife
Smith, Thed J Pineland 35 Florida 8th Grade Farmer
Smith, Delem B Pineland 37 S. Dakota 12th Grade Housewife
Ross, W H Pineland 67 Florida 6th Grade Farmer
Ross, Laura E Pineland 58 Florida 6th Grade Housewife
Ross, W I Pineland 30 Florida 5th Grade Labor
Ross, Eugene N Pineland 19 Florida 10th Grade Navy
Voegeding, Jerald Pineland 37 Michigan 10th Grade Army
Voegeding, Lathelia Pineland 38 Florida 10th Grade Housewife
Hiltbrands, H H Pineland 53 New York 9th Grade Farmer
Hiltbrands, Florence Pineland 51 New Jersey 12th Grade Housewife
Hiltbrands, William F Pineland 28 New Jersey 12th Grade Marine
Hiltbrands, H H Jr Pineland 26 Florida 12th Grade Army
Hiltbrands, Pauline Pineland 22 Florida 12th Grade labor
Hiltbrands, Florence J Pineland 19 Florida 12th Grade Labor
Hiltbrands, Rosemary Pineland 9 Florida 3rd Grade Student
Hobet, Adolph Pineland 86 Germany 6th Grade Farmer
Dykes, Lizette Pineland 79 Germany 6th Grade Housewife
Wilson, Mary R Pineland 66 Pennsylvania 12th Grade Housewife
Hall, Alice R Pineland 68 Pennsylvania 12th Grade Housewife
Harris, Mabel R Pineland 70 Pennsylvania Normal Housewife
Smith, John Pineland 77 Florida 7th Grade Farmer
Coggeshall, F H Pineland 60 Nebraska College Farmer
Coggeshall, Havel M Pineland 61 Washington DC College Housewife
Stringfellow, H M Pineland 63 Texas College Commissioner
Stringfellow, Adam A Pineland 49 Kentucky 12th Grade Housewife
Stringfellow, Harwod Pineland 31 Mexico College Army
Population – Colored
****** image 372
Ellison, John Pineland 65 Alabama 4th Grade Labor
Ellison, Bernie Pineland 57 Florida 3rd Grade Labor
Gillison, Prince Pineland 54 S Carolina 5th Grade Labor
END 1945 Pineland

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