1945 Bokeela Census

Lee County,Florida State Population Census – Township – Bokeelia – Pct 21 – Race – White
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1. Name 2. Address 3. In or Out
4. Male 5. Female 6. Place of Birth
7. Degree of Education 8. Occupation 9. Corrections
Township – Bokeelia
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Population – White
Image 536 5
Howard, Jim Bokeelia, FL 41 FL 6th grade Fisherman
Howard, Lillie 37 GA 7th grade Housewife
Howard, Robert 17 FL 9th grade Student
Howard, Alfred 14 FL 7th grade Student
Howard, Julia Belle 10 FL 4th grade Student
Howard, Jack 5 FL X X
Howard, Donnie 2 FL X X
Celec, Jos G Bokeelia, FL 32 FL 8th grade Fisherman
Celec, Annise 31 FL 12th grade Housewife
Celec, Jos R 10 FL 4th grade Student
Celec, Clifford 7 FL 2nd grade Student
Celec, Allen 6 FL 1st grade Student
Celec, Yvonne 5 FL X X
Celec, Barbara 3 FL X X
Celec, Harry 1 FL X X
Honc, Vincent Bokeelia, FL 60 Czechoslovakia College Nurseryman
Honc, Ludmila 46 Czechoslovakia 12th grade Housewife
Honc, Marie 26 FL 12th grade P.O.
Honc, Agnes 18 FL 12th grade Labor
Honc, Vincent Jerome 16 FL 8th grade Student
Honc, Margaret 14 FL 8th grade Student
Honc, John 10 FL 3rd grade Student
Honc, Patricia 4 FL X X
Thigpen, Elbert Bokeelia, FL 50 FL 9th grade Fisherman
Thigpen, Nettie 40 FL 9th grade Housewife
Thigpen, Earl 17 FL 8th grade Student
Thigpen, Marie 0 FL X X
Thigpen, Catherine 3 FL X X
Ballard, Austin 11 FL 6th grade Student
Ballard, Bobby 9 FL 3rd grade Student
Spearing, Leo A Bokeelia, FL 49 FL 7th grade Fisherman
Spearing, Oriole 48 FL 6th grade Housewife
Spearing, Albert 23 FL 7th grade Navy
Spearing, ,Ola 22 TX 12th grade Housewife
Spearing, Julia 20 FL 8th grade Navy
Spearing, Norma 16 FL 10th grade Student
Spearing, Charles 14 FL 9th grade Student
Spearing, Jack 12 FL 8th grade Student
Waldron,Juddie Bokeelia, FL 57 FL none Fisherman
Waldron,Hattie 42 FL 7th grade Housewife
Waldron,Berry 18 FL 8th grade Fisherman
Waldron,Lucille 14 FL 6th grade Student
Waldron,Artie 11 FL 3rd grade Student
Waldron,Tommie 6 FL 1st grade Student
Waldron,Ernest 4 FL X X
Waldron,Newton 1 FL X X
Pruter,Henry C Bokeelia, FL 68 IA Grade Farmer
Pruter,Flora 70 OH Grade Housewife
Petersen,S Bokeelia, FL 65 Germany College Farmer
Petersen,Mathilda 60 Germany College Housewife
Image 537
Chipley,Grace N Bokeelia, FL 65 MD 12th grade Post Master
Chipley,Alfred S 33 PA College Air
Chipley, Josephine 32 GA 12th grade Housewife
Chipley,Joe Ann 5 IL X X
Chipley,Richard Lee 3 IL X X
Caputo,Joseph Bokeelia, FL 58 Italy 7th grade Fisherman
Caputo,Gracie 50 FL 8th grade Housewife
Caputo,Joseph Jr 24 FL 11th grade Army
Caputo,Richard Francis 19 FL 11th grade Air
Futral,Mary Catherine Bokeelia, FL 21 FL 9th grade Housewife
Futral,Sharon Cecilia 3 FL X X
Pauly, C H Bokeelia, FL 68 NJ College Fisherman
Padilla, Perry T Bokeelia, FL 34 FL 11th grade Fisherman
Padilla, Amelia Rose 27 FL 12th grade Housewife
Futch, Frank B Bokeelia, FL 32 FL 10th grade Fisherman
Futch, Nellie Rose 22 FL 8th grade Housewife
Futch, Franklin Scott 6 FL X X
Futch, Luther Henry 2 FL X X
Caputo, J Frank Bokeelia, FL 33 FL 12th grade Army
Caputo,Lillian L 21 FL 10th grade Housewife
Caputo,Larry Wayne 0 FL X X
Roberts, T M Bokeelia, FL 35 FL 12th grade Mercantile
Roberts,M L 24 FL 10th grade Housewife
Thigpen, T L Bokeelia, FL 47 FL 4th grade Fisherman
Byrd, Andrew Bokeelia, FL 37 FL 5th grade Fisherman
Byrd, Cora 33 MO 4th grade Housekeeper
Lanier, James B 14 FL 5th grade Student
Lanier, Robert 9 FL 3rd grade Student
Howard, Ben F Bokeelia, FL 38 FL 9th grade Labor
Howard, Rita O 43 GA 8th grade Housewife
Jones, Joseph Clifton 22 GA 12th grade Navy
Wilhelm, Carl Bokeelia, FL 28 NJ 12th grade Labor
Wilhem, Ethel 24 FL 12th grade Housewife
Bagwell, B T Bokeelia, FL 56 FL 5th grade Fisherman
Bagwell,Gertrude 44 GA 6th grade Housewife
Bagwell,Lewis 16 FL 5th grade Student
Bagwell,Mary Frances 13 FL 4th grade Student
Bagwell,Willie Frank 10 FL 5th grade Student
Bagwell,Clyde Kenneth 6 FL 1st grade Student
Ross, Alex T Bokeelia, FL 71 Nova Scotia Grade Labor
Ross, Ethel G 69 British Columbia Grade Housewife
Ross, Annie L 29 Canada Grade Housewife
Miller, Neil W Bokeelia, FL 46 MN 8th grade Fisherman
Miller, Mary D 41 MI 8th grade Housewife
Thigpen, Dave Bokeelia, FL 52 FL 4th grade Fisherman
Thigpen, Lee 40 FL 5th grade Housewife
Waldron, Oliver Bokeelia, FL 20 FL 4th grade Fisherman
Waldron, Elsie 16 FL 4th grade Housewife
Bertrand Bokeelia, FL 61 IL 8th grade Mechanic
Bertrand 52 IL 6th grade Housewife
Image 538
Treukaup, Ed J Bokeelia, FL 42 TN 9th grade Artist
Treukaup, C R 38 KY 7th grade Housewife
Treukaup, Rosemary 13 KY 11th grade Student
Treukaup, Edna Jean 9 KY 5th grade Student
Treukaup, Mary Alice 74 MD College Housewife
Riccitello Bokeelia, FL 43 NY 9th grade Fisherman
Riccitello, Lora 50 NY 9th grade Housewife
Harris, Peter C Bokeelia, FL 73 MD College Retired
Harris, John J 37 MA College Air
Beck, Rankin Bokeelia, FL 53 FL Grade Fisherman
Beck, Mary Ellen 41 AL 8th grade Housewife
Beck, Rankin Jr 18 FL 4th grade Labor
Beck, Maudie 15 FL 4th grade Student
Beck, Martha Jane 10 FL 4th grade Student
Bailey, C O Bokeelia, FL 64 FL 7th grade Farmer
Bailey, R E 50 FL 4th grade Fisherman
Curry, Clarence Bokeelia, FL 47 FL 5th grade Fisherman
Curry, Ollie Mae 36 FL 6th grade Housewife
Curry, Curtis 17 FL 9th grade Student
Gardeau, Jean Bokeelia, FL 38 England 6th grade Housewife
END Bokeelia FL 1945 Census

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