Travel around Pine Island was not an easy endeavor during the early years.  If you lived in Bokeelia and wanted to go to St. James City to get a package that arrived on the mail boat, you would leave in the morning and walk along a dirt trail and return home the next morning.  That trail looked like this:

St James City Road

Credit this photo: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

St. James City street scene in September 1905.  This photo is from an old postcard marked September 1905.  In those days it was quite a busy place.  Note the long line of palm trees bordering the avenue and the over grown grass in the lawn.  These trees were probably planted during the St. James-on-the Gulf era 10 years prior.


Credit this Photo Museum of the Islands

Or if you were lucky to have a wagon and oxen, that trip might take less than a day.   Unless of course it was rainy season and the road was nothing but mud.


The family loaded in the wagon for a trip into town

Photo Credit Museum of the Islands

If you wanted to travel to Fort Myers, you could take the steamer.  Pictured is a steam ship pushing a barge past Pine Island.  Maybe it is a load of mangoes destined for Fort Myers, and beyond.


Photo Credit Museum of the Islands

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